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 "It is my pleasure to acknowledge our long standing relationship with Fusecote Co. Inc"  John F. Stimson 3M



3M refers 

Manhattan Beach Public Works Department (1968) 

Jack Daniel Assistant Street Superintendant Manhatten Beach California

Rising maintenance costs due to the corrosion of metal parts in the sewerage system led the superintendant of public works in Manhatten Beach California to investigate a new type of protective coating. The results have been highly satisfactory. The process known as Fusecoating consists of the application of 100% solid epoxy powdered resin to form a continuous film that is resistant to corrosion or deterioration under extreme conditions.

Newport Beach Sewage Lift

This process is ideally suited to the protection of manhole steps and some of the component parts of pump stations that are exposed to raw sewage and corrosive gases. The coatings were applied by Fusecote Company Inc.., using electrostatic spray technique. In this operation the metal parts were sandblasted to bare white metal and the finely ground epoxy resin deposited on the surface by means of a specially developed spray gun that places an electrostatic charge on the powder particles.

Sewer Lift

The electrostatically charged particles of powder will cling to the surface of the part to be protected. The coating is then fused to the substrate by heating the part to 400 degrees F. The required mill thickness is achieved in a single Fusion Bonded Coating. The cost of the Fusion Bonded powder coating is equal toor less than that of a first class liquid paint system.


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