Fusecote Chemical Resistance Chart




 Below is a partial listing of tests made on Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings for chemical resistance. No effect unless otherwise stated.


Acetic Acid up to 25% 
Copper Nitrate 
Magnesium Sulfate 
Sodium Carbonate 
*Acetone (Softened) 
Copper Sulfate 
*MEK (Softened) 
Sodium Chlorate 
Aluminum Chloride 
Crude Oil 
Mercuric Chloride 
Sodium Chloride 
Aluminum Hydroxide 
*Methanol (Softened) 
Sodium Hydroxide 
Aluminum Nitrate 
MIBK (Methyl-lso-Butyl Ketone) 
Sodium Meta Silicate up to 5% 
Aluminum Sulfate 
Mineral Oil 
Sodium Nitrate 
*Aly Alcohol 
Mineral Spirits 
Sodium Sulfate 
Ammonium Carbonate 
*Diethylene Glycol 
Sodium Thiosulfate up to 50% 
Ammonium Chloride 
*Dipropylene Glycol 
Motor Oil 
Stannic Chloride 
Ammonium hydroxide up to 100% 
*Ethanol (Softened) 
Muratic Acid 
Ammonium Nitrate *Ethybenzene Naphtha Sulfuric Acid up to 60%
Ammonium Phosphate *Ethylene Glycol Nickel Chloride Synthetic Sea Fuel (60% naphtha, 20% Toluene, 15% Xylene, 5% Benzene)
Ammonium Sulfate *Ferric Chloride up to 50% Nickel Nitrate Synthetic Sileage
*Amyl Alcohol Ferric Nitrate Nickel Sulfate Tetrapropylene
Barium Carbonate Ferrous Nitrate Nitric Acid up to 30% *Toluene
Barium Chloride Ferrous Sulfate Nonnane *Trichloroethylene (Softened)
Barium Hydroxide Formaldehyde up to 100% Octane *Triethylene Glycol
Barium Nitrate Formic Acid up to 10% Oxalic Acid Trisodium Phosphate
*Barium Sulfate Freon, Gas & Liquid Pentane Turpentine
*Benzene Gas (Mfg.) *Perchloroethylene Undecanol
Boric Acid Gas (Natural) Phosporic Acid up to 50% Urea
Borax Gasoline Leaded Phosphorous Trichloride Urine
*Butyl Alcohol Gasoline Unleaded Potassium Aluminum Sulfate Vinegar
Cadmium Chloride Glycerin Potassium Bicarbonate Water
Cadmium Nitrate Heptane Potassium Borate Chlorinated

Cadmium Sulfate

Hexane Potassium Carbonate Demineralized
Calcium Carbonate *Hexylene Glycol Potassium Chloride
Calcium Chloride Hydrochloric Acid up to 25% Potassium Salt
Calcium Hydroxide Hydrochloric Acid up to 40% Dichromate up to 10% Sea
Calcium Nitrate Hydrogen Sulfide Potassium Hydroxide Xylol
Calcium Sulfate Isopropyl Alcohol Potassium Nitrate Zinc Chloride
Carbon Disulfide Kerosene Potassium Sulfate Zinc Nitrate
*Carbon Tetrachloride Linseed Oil Propylene Glycol Zinc Sulfate
Caustic Potash Lubricating Oil Sewage 10-10-10 Fertilizer, Saturated
Caustic Soda Magnesium Carbonate Silver Nitrate Zinc
Chlorine 2% Magnesium Chloride Soap Solution Zinc
Citric Acid up to 25% Magnesium Hydroxide Soaps Zinc
Copper Chloride Magnesium Nitrate Sodium Bicarbonate Zinc

** Not recommended for continuous immersion service in solutions containing these chemicals. Suitable for service in many splash and fume areas.