Typical Areas of Fusecote Application



applications  Water, sewage, waste and drainage systems. 

applications  Reverse osmosis salt water purification systems.                             

applications  Undersea pipelines, offshore oil rigs, chemical plants, oil refineries.

applications   Pumps, valves, rotating equipment, impellers.

applications   Busbars, tranformers, power transmission hardware.

applications    Door handles, faucets, metal sinks.

applications   Window frames, gates, wrought iron and building hardware.

applications   Mining equipment, rollers, conveyors, buckets.

applications   Sheetmetal fabricators, cabinets, housings.

applications   Food processing equipment.

applications   Structural steel beams and girders.

applications   Castings of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

applications   Drum, disc and caliper brake components.

applications   Leaf and coil springs.

applications   Irrigation equipment, fertilizer tanks.

applications  Aircraft, space vehicle, and aerospace hardware.

applications   Switch Boxes, electrical motor stators and armatures.

applications   Wire and mesh products.


"Work performed in this list of representative hardware, environments and applications has provided Fusecote with functional performance data to be shared with you".